Digital Death is mainstream

Digital Death is mainstream

Digital Death will become important day by day – it would be difficult to ignore it. Thank you for publishing our story and spreading awareness about it.

About Anand Ramdeo

Planned Departure is an electronic vault which preserves anything that matters to a user and distribute it to right people after user is passed away. Mission Empowering users in digital age by giving them opportunity to decide how their digital afterlife should be handled. Company Overview Planned Departure is founded by Anand Ramdeo and Komal Joshi. It is currently part of London Business School's incubator program and has received founder's award from Deloitte's Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship. We are working with charities, law firms and estate planners to increase awareness about digital afterlife and digital inheritance. Description Our digital footprint is growing and becoming important every day. Our digital life has real financial and emotional value associated with it. However, there is no clear and straightforward way to transfer aspects of digital life to right people after we pass away. In many cases, accounts are locked, lost or become easy target of identity theft because no-one is watching those accounts. This often results in emotional trauma and unnecessary burden for people who have to deal with this. When we were researching around this, we found that there are billions of pounds of unclaimed assets in every country - in the form of unclaimed bank accounts, insurance policies, dividends and so on. These assets remain unclaimed because of only one thing - lack of information to right people. Planned Departure solves this problem. Planned Departure let's user store any information they want in safe and secure electronic vault. It also allows users to assign right beneficiary for every piece of information they store and release this information to right people after user is passed away. Planned Departure uses AES-256 encryption to store every thing in encrypted format and uses infrastructure from Google to ensure reliability. We believe that as a user, we should be able to decide what should happen to our accounts - during and after our life.
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