Planned Departure – Information and online identity after death.

Welcome to the Planned Departure. Our lives have changed drastically in past few years. From a relatively simple life of maintaining few accounts in our paper files to investments and accounts in many online services, we have come a long way. Personal communication is now replaced with email and phone conversation. From basic accounts like phone, electricity and water to complex accounts for spread batting or share trading, we have an online identity. We probably meet couple of people on a day to day basis, but communicate with hundreds of friends on facebook, twitter, orkut or other social network.

Traditional ways of networking in business is replaced by Linked-In and running business means probably using many online services like SalesForce. For many people, their PayPal and eBay accounts are probably more valuable than their physical account in the bank. On the same lines, ownership of intangible assets like a domain name is probably worth much more than Gold.

In many cases, our online identity and information we keep in our mind is as valuable as our physical existence. There is so much reliance on the online activities, but unfortunately what happens to all of this after our death is not known. This information and all these accounts can become inaccessible or worst abused if they are in wrong hand. 

Rise of nuclear families and online activities and lack of clearly defined ownership and transferability of online accounts has resulted in a massive unclaimed assets for banks and governments. It has also caused distressed to many families where these online accounts became inaccessible or abused after sudden death of someone.

At planned departure, we will try to increase awareness about managing information and online identity after death.  

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