Digital age and it’s implication – Payment with emails

Technology has impacted our lives in more ways than we can imagine. On a daily basis, we still perform same activities that we have been doing for ages – but technology has changed the way we perform those activities.

Today I stumbled on one such service – Square allow users to transfer money through emails. Users can send a simple email and pay money to debit card of another user. Simple and easy – send an email and money will change hands, for a small fees. Exchanging money with the actual currency notes will become a thing of past – pretty soon.

Services like this increases convenience and will certainly become mainstream. Millions of people are becoming online and using various services online every day. Internet is penetrating and it is becoming increasingly common to put our trust on the web.

So how does it affect us – user of services like square?

It certainly improves value of our account or digital identity. Digital identity is no longer limited to just chito-chat and funny pictures of cat. It has real monetary value. Like any other valuable assets, digital identity needs protection – during and after the user is passed away.

It is possible (and lucrative) for someone to steal online identity of deceased accounts and abuse these accounts in anyway they wish. With continuously increasing digitization and value of digital life, risk of becoming a victim becomes higher every day.

We created Planned Departure to safeguard users digital identities after user passes away. It is painful to become victim of digital crimes in the digital age. It is painful to think how people we’ll all leave behind one day will deal with frauds / threats etc on the accounts they do not even own / can access. Would it not be a nice idea to protect them from this and similar problems?

Planned Departure makes management for digital afterlife a bite easier. Planned Departure gives control of digital afterlife to the user – where it should belong anyways.

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