What is the value of my digital photographs ? and …


Value of photo

… how can I ensure that I do not loose them ?

This question has been bothering me for a long time. With the advent of digital cameras and smartphones with cameras the number of photographs taken has exploded. According to this slideshare the number of photographs taken has exploded from 86Billion in 1999 to 380Billion in 2011. Every second 26 photos are uploaded to instagram.

But what impact does it have on their importance?

I remember when I was a child each photograph had an emotional or sentimental value attached to it. We took photographs of all the memorable and precious moments of our lives weather it was festival time or marriage or birth. I still want to look at those photographs to relive those precious moments that made my life. I want to look at those photographs to remember all the important people who meant a world to me and are no more around.

Are we losing the value of memories or precious moments because of digital explosion?

Just because we ‘can’ we are taking photographs of every tiny little thing. The emotional value of that photo is short lived. Out of thousands of digital photographs that I have on phone, laptops or external hard drive, I would definitely like to pass on some rare and precious moments to my son or to my grandchildren. These photographs are my precious digital assets. I came across this interesting article that explains how insurance firms and courts establish a ‘market value’ to an object of sentimental value to the owner.

So how do we ensure that these precious moments are not lost in time?

Exactly for this reason we have PlannedDeparture to pass on our precious moments, our emotional legacy to our family.  We can store and preserve the memorable or copyrighted photographs to protect and safeguard them at the same time ensure that these photographs are transferred to our family.

I would like to protect my digital assets and transfer my emotional legacy to my family, would you?

Image source: http://sallyslackblog.com/why-are-digital-files-so-expensive-newborn-baby-photographer-essex/


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