Private Client Professionals

Solicitors and lawyers do not just have the task of drafting wills, conveyancing, take instructions from their clients and advise them on personal issues such as buying and selling properties, drafting documents and contracts but also now they have to make sure the virtual assets and profiles of their clients are securely safe.

They have to ensure that your legacy is well-looked-after, well-maintained and protected. This could be from pictures, to deeds to properties, wills etc.

Digital media has effects on our daily activities such as finances, transactions, communications and social lives.

“Private client professionals therefore have a key role to play in shaping the preservation of an individual’s legacy of digital memories and valuable material and in ensuring that such memories and assets are passed on following their death” concluded Nicola Plant and Emily Osbourne in May 2010, in their article “digital legacy.”

Do not forget to make sure anything you think that is relevant to you and your family is saved and documented.

PlannedDeparture can handle all your virtual assets and more including all your important documents. Just make sure you remind your solicitor or lawyer to include them in your paperwork and set up an E-vault to store them.







Let’s talk about Wills …

We welcome IWC Wills and Probate as new members of PlannedDeparture family. They are our latest partners. You can find more information about them here


So now we will be talking a bit about Wills.

What is a will?

A will is a legal document stating the distribution of property after death. A list of names of one or more individuals as beneficiaries or charities. It can also include the care of minor children. It declares your intentions of what specifically you would want done to your possessions and wealth.

There are 11 types of wills.

  • Joint Will
  • Attested Will
  • Living Will
  • Video Will
  • Mutual Will
  • Conditional Will
  • Testamentary Trust Will
  • Pour-Over Will
  • Trust Will
  • Mirror Will
  • Holographic will

Making a will gives you sole discretion over the distribution of your assets including your digital assets.

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen to your digital legacy when you pass away? Read what happens here.

What can be in your will?

It is everything you want it to be. From sentimental objects, properties, online accounts and passwords, money, debts, family heirlooms etc.

How to make a will?

You can also make it yourself online with the help of software programmes and websites but if you have any questions you can get assistance from a lawyer or solicitor. Read more about the requirements of making a will here.

If you haven’t already made one, make one now…

Don’t forget that your digital assets are just as important as everything else so do not forget to include that in your will, if you haven’t already, changes to your will can be made easily. Set up an account with planneddeparture. We value and protect your digital assets and make sure information is shared as you instructed.

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Facebook as an Asset?

Fascebook is an asset

            We all know Facebook to be an online social networking site that enables us to

connect and stay in touch with family and friends all over the world. It was founded in

2004 and over the years has evolved from just keeping family and friends in touch to

different platform all together. You can now join groups with members with the same

interest as you, find job vacancies and advertise and market your business.

But did you know your Facebook account is an asset to you as an individual?

         I am sure most of you didn’t. I myself didn’t know till recently when I accidentally

changed  my personal profile to a fan page. I instantly thought I had lost everything.

Now I have been a member of Facebook since 2008. I have uploaded pictures,

shared and been tagged in various pictures and posts since then. I did not know

that Facebook was an online archive and album for me. Pictures of the birth of my

god-children, nephews, nieces, graduation and concerts are all on there. But I never

valued them as much as I should till I thought I had lost them for good with the switch

of the pages but luckily Facebook support team came to my rescue and restored the

page from a fan page to a profile again and that is when I realised. In a blink of an

eye all those memories had vanished. I had not stored them on an online drive or a

drive at home but had the chance to now.

           With PlannedDeparture, you have the chance to store all these memories. All your

relevant information regarding your Facebook; passwords, security questions and

your pictures can all be saved in your E-vault. You and your delegated beneficiaries

can have access to this information anytime. You can read more about ‘ What is the value of my digital photographs ?’ here

         Storing those memories can be helpful to you and those around you whenever it is

needed. So why not try us out today.




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Founder and owner of Curls-aunaturel as well as creative writer and publisher, Abena has put her passion for writing, designing and social media to good use. she is committed to ensuring Planneddeparture has the platform it requires to educate and inform society on the importance of protecting your digital legacy and assets.

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Ismail Pervez – Sales Executive

Don’t be fooled by Ismail’s smile.  This gentleman has game. International game.                Recently accomplished deals in the Middle East with big multinationals such as Coca-Cola and Etihad airways.  An Experienced individual who’s demonstrated his skills for the past 5 years in Accounting, Project Management, Events and B2B Sales & Negotiation in various industries.  He believes to sustain a great work ethic mixed with his talent and reach new heights with PlannedDeparture.

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What happens to your legacy when you pass away?….

Social media reach

…. have you ever asked yourself this question?… Well I have…

According to the E-marketer report in 2013, the number of people around the world that use social networks will increase from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion in 2013 and by 2017, the global social audience will be 2.55 billion.

One in four people belong to at least one social networking site. Facebook, google+, LinkedIn, twitter, flikr, Instagram, Myspace, care2 etc…

Which do you belong to? More importantly have you thought about what happens to all these accounts and your personal information when the inevitable happens?

The internet service providers are known to delete and destroy the accounts and the information it has on individuals once they pass away or are inactive for a couple of years.

A lot of personal information is stored electronically via the exchange from all these social sites and even the exchange of emails, so why not store this information collectively and securely.

With planneddeparture all this information will be stored in your e-vault. Only you and your beneficiaries you have enlisted with have the necessary information saved.

Better than letting it get destroyed don’t you think? Sign up for a free trial now

What matters in life is ……

….. the time and relationship you have with the people.

Family and relations

And often these relationships stop us from thinking about more meanignful and practical aspects of life.

I know Friday is not a perfect day for thinking about serious stuff in life. Or is it the perfect day? How many Fridays have passed like this without living your dream or without even realising your dream , your ambition, your aspiration in life? And how many more Fridays will go by like this?

The sad part is we don’t know!!! Even sadder part is that we do not act or do anything about it even after realising!!!!

When I started my MBA, on the last day of our orientation week,we were asked to write down our Eulogy!!! This was surprising for many of us but going through this process made us realise what is more important in life and how can we align our personal and professional goals and live a life of fulfilment and meaning.

Preparing for death, clarified Life.

Sometime back we shared a video on our Facebook page but I would like to mention it again. Please watch this five minute TED Talk from Candy Chang and see how death of a near and dear one provided her a purpose in life. How she is transforming abandoned public spaces around the world.
If this talk has touched your heart, then why not take some action and start getting your affairs in order and think more clearly about life. It will just take a few minutes to create an account but in return you will get a lifetime of peace of mind that will make you more aware of your life!!!

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