So we were invited to pitch at the last London pitch day at the StartupBootcamp….

….and it was fun and useful.

PD Goes to startupbootcamp

Before I dive into sharing my experience I will give a brief intro about startup bootcamp.

What is Startupbootcamp?

They are Europe’s leading accelerator program with presence in these cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Israel, Eindhoven, Istanbul and London. Well that’s awesome!!! You can find more information about startupbootcamp here.

Now coming back to my experience of the pitch event. This pitch day was only for fintech startups. Before you start scratching your head and think why is Planned Departure ‘fintech’. We allow people to manage their digital assets with ‘financial’ and ‘emotional’ value. Bitcoins is one of the digital assets with financial value. I have already blogged about ‘what happens to Bitcoins when you die’ in this post.

Great environment

The environment was very informal. I liked the seating arrangement! I would recommend everyone going there once to take a look at the space provided and to admire creativity in designing and setting a shared working space.

I pitched for about 5 minutes, in front of other startups and mentors. After the pitching there were 20 minutes of feedback with 3 different groups of mentors. Each mentor group had 3-5 members each. It is advised that you take notes of the feedback provided. I would say this was a valuable opportunity where you can not only get feedback on your pitch, but also on your product. Don’t miss it!!!

Once all the meetings were over we had a break to network with other startups, which is always fun! I love every bit of learning about entrepreneurial journeys of other founders, their challenges and also their approach. Almost all start-ups face similar challenges so knowledge sharing is good to learn about their innovative solutions.

Finally it was time to bid goodbye and start working on the bootcamp applications. Anyone interested in attending this ‘fintech accelerator’ must first read ‘what it takes to apply’ here. Then submit the filled application from here.

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Author: Planned Departure

Living and working in this digital era, our social media accounts – from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr to the likes of Pinterest – are increasing not only in number but also in volume. Additionally, many of us have domain names registered and libraries of movies, digital music and e-Books that can be of significant value. And let's not forget about Bitcoin and other virtual currencies! For the majority of us, these accounts and digital assets are likely to outlive us. And when we die, it is left up to family members and estate executors to sift through them all. Furthermore, even though they may have all the required passwords necessary for these accounts, many heirs will discover that they have no clear authority to access, or even to manage, the online accounts of their deceased loved ones. With the value of individuals' digital assets globally measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars, planning for the protection of our digital assets has moved to centre stage. It is essential that our online and social media accounts are included as part of the estate planning process. Failure to do so may not only deprive those we leave behind of fond memories and (possibly) a little nest egg, it could also leave us vulnerable to postmortem identity theft if fraudsters get to use our personal details to apply for credit facilities whilst our accounts remain unguarded. Planned Departure resolves these issues. We provide you with the ability not only to protect your digital assets, but also to clearly indicate who can access your online accounts and who should benefit from them. Create piece of mind today by registering with us in one quick and easy process.

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