Facebook as an Asset?

Fascebook is an asset

            We all know Facebook to be an online social networking site that enables us to

connect and stay in touch with family and friends all over the world. It was founded in

2004 and over the years has evolved from just keeping family and friends in touch to

different platform all together. You can now join groups with members with the same

interest as you, find job vacancies and advertise and market your business.

But did you know your Facebook account is an asset to you as an individual?

         I am sure most of you didn’t. I myself didn’t know till recently when I accidentally

changed  my personal profile to a fan page. I instantly thought I had lost everything.

Now I have been a member of Facebook since 2008. I have uploaded pictures,

shared and been tagged in various pictures and posts since then. I did not know

that Facebook was an online archive and album for me. Pictures of the birth of my

god-children, nephews, nieces, graduation and concerts are all on there. But I never

valued them as much as I should till I thought I had lost them for good with the switch

of the pages but luckily Facebook support team came to my rescue and restored the

page from a fan page to a profile again and that is when I realised. In a blink of an

eye all those memories had vanished. I had not stored them on an online drive or a

drive at home but had the chance to now.

           With PlannedDeparture, you have the chance to store all these memories. All your

relevant information regarding your Facebook; passwords, security questions and

your pictures can all be saved in your E-vault. You and your delegated beneficiaries

can have access to this information anytime. You can read more about ‘ What is the value of my digital photographs ?’ here

         Storing those memories can be helpful to you and those around you whenever it is

needed. So why not try us out today.

Imagesource: http://www.dbswebsite.com/blog/2011/11/30/social-media-101-benefits-best-practices/


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