Digital Possessions …


Digital Possessions …

What do we term as digital possessions?

Digital possessions are digital items that individuals distinguish from other digital items by specific qualities that individuals perceive the digital items to possess. Twenty-three participants were interviewed about their definitions of and relationships with digital possessions to identify the most salient characteristics of digital possessions and to inform preservation. Read more

We collect various items as we grow at different stages of our lives.  It could a collection of stories, an archive of classic movies or a stack of letters but with the growing age of technology everything is different now. These used to be our physical assets but now it’s all digital. With the help of our smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets everything is stored digitally.  Stack of letters are now emails, story collections are now eBooks and classic movies are now downloaded online.

With online storage systems such as iCloud, google drive, drop box, open drive and Zumo drive we can store our assets for free. It is fairly simple and easy to do. Set up an account and just download your files. Photos, videos, movies, documentaries and many more can all be stored on your drive.

If you pass away all this information could be lost without proper documentation and information, your family won’t be able to access this information.

With Planneddeparture you can save your drive in your secure vault. If you do not store all your passwords, documents, deeds, account information in one secure place, finding out all the information can be a tedious task but the worst part is, these sentimental assets, memories and information could be lost forever because your family didn’t know they existed or couldn’t have the needed information to access it. If you leave instructions on what you would like to be done, it would be carried out and your friends and family will not be troubled with thoughts on what to do and what not to do.

File formats are often updated and changed. If your legacy isn’t protected by giving the right information to your beneficiaries it can’t be preserved.

Plan ahead. Sign up today with planneddeparture and secure your digital assets.

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