Yahoo walking in the footprints of planneddeparture


It is good to know that Yahoo is finally realising the importance of digital legacy and following the footsteps of PlannedDeparture 🙂 but they are missing the point that digital legacy goes beyond Yahoo.

Our digital footprint is increasing everyday and its not limited to the Yahoos or googles  or facebooks of the online world but includes all and many more accounts. All our financial and emotional lives have gone online right from bank accounts, insurance policies, Utilities bills to virtual currencies. You can find out more about your digital footprint here .

We need a more comprehensive solution to manage this big digital footprint. This is why we created This provides value to the user:

* By organising all the scattered information in one place. During lifetime the users knows about all the important information and accounts.

* By providing peace of mind that his/her important information will be communicated to his family or friends i.e the right people at the right time.

So why not try out PlannedDeparture today and start your free trial now.

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