Technology! Please don’t.

With the aid of the internet children are growing up way to fast. I was  a child of the 80’s and in my day I was happy to play outside all day with my friends and cousins, we would play hop scotch, skipping rope, police and thieves or dress up,  read a book or watch some cartoons. Our imagination was our playground. now everything has changed.

My little cousins just like other children of today  barely step out of the house to play, they would rather play these games with each other or by themselves on a on mobile phones, tablets or PC’s. Send texts all day, or surf the internet, but to be fair a few of them actually study and find out new facts to helping them develop physically and mentally. Acquiring knowledge is one of the best things a child can have but to what extent? Some of the information they stumble upon while browsing, I didn’t find out till I was an early teen. Some of this information can be helpful as well as harmful based on how the child interprets it.

Technology has benefited us a lot. It has brought hope to curing terminal diseases like cancer, it has made education easier and accessible from anywhere through distance learning, easy communication with family and friends through text, videos and calls… It basically influences our every move.

Children learn so much now at such an early age which allows them to grow up quickly. Childhood used to be so long in a fun way but now it seems rushed and they grow up so quickly. knowledge they say is power, but I say too much of everything at the wrong time is bad.

Technology  please don’t rob our children of their childhood, but that’s not my point. Its not the fault of technology if it is being misused. It is the responsibility of us as individuals, family and society to protect our children.

Protect your children, let them enjoy their childhood, they have so many years to be an adult, let us not deprive them by influencing the robbery of their innocence.

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