WiRE and PlannedDeparture for SME’s

A few days ago PlannedDeparture was blogged about on WiRE. It was an honour because we respect and appreciate what they do to help and encourage women entrepreneurs. They have built a great support system and an even better networking community.

What is WiRE?

WiRE stands for Women In Rural Enterprise. It is a business club designed to help women make contacts and network. WiRE local networks are run by WiRE member volunteers. They usually meet monthly to share skills, work together, support their businesses and find new customers. It helps support all rural businesses with a package of practical support.

Why Planned Departure is talking about WiRE?

PlannedDeparture supports WiRE because we can relate. We know the importance of having a good relationship and also the importance of a community that helps each other excel. WiRE enables business women and in turn businesses to grow.

But we know that emergencies such as death or critical illness can strike the business owner and the business any time. Business often cease to exist after business owner passes away. However, we believe that business does not have to suffer because of these uncertainties. We have created Planned Departure just for these emergencies. If you are a small business owner or a sole trader then Planned Departure is for you.

Why not try sign up using this link and start your 14 day free trial now.

To read more about WiRe blog post click here.

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