Techhub Demo Night


TechHub is a unique environment where technology startups can start up faster. It  creates an international network for people with similar interests around the world to work, collaborate and learn from each other by running events, advice sessions and many more. This allows startups to develop faster with the right networking and support. It is a very good environment for startups with amazing infrastructure and a lot of help and networks.

On the 5th of August Nam our Marketing executive and one of our founders Anand Ramdeo attended one of the events organised by techhub. ‘Demo night’.Demo Night is a chance to see what other StartUps are working on. These are the top startups which have a major influence on the future of business & tech. It is held once every month and each business has 3 mins to showcase their ideas and explain what they are about.

Why did we attend?

image (1)

Planned Departure  was part of the startups for this Demo night. Our main aim was to promote Planned Departure and build awareness about Digital Legacy but to also network and get valuable feedback about the platform and what other people think.

A lot of people that attended the event were very interested in Planned Departure and wanted to learn more which was great and we also learnt about other startups and interesting ideas like Resolver and Hitch.

What we experienced…


We met many young and innovative people with great and amazing ideas.

The atmosphere itself was inspiring and gave a sense of urgency to create and explore new technologies that would be beneficial to others.

We encountered people from different backgrounds e.g. designers, lawyers, teachers and others all interested in startups and technologies.

We met a fashion designer by day who  builds a social media for freelancers by night.

With modern technology everyone has a chance to build their ideas and make their  dreams a reality.

It was inspiring to see many start-ups and ecosystem around them.  It was also motivating to see that Planned Departure was received well by the audience. We have received great feedback from our users – please sign-up for our free trial and let us know your thoughts about Planned Departure.



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