Why organising your digital assets is a good idea – top 4 reasons (Number 2 is my favourite)


There is a place for everything and everything should have a place. Day in and day out we use the Internet and create a digital footprint with every click. This footprint gets so large over time that it becomes difficult to remember various accounts and digital assets we have. Sometimes, we end up loosing important accounts and assets stored in them as we forget about their existence.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to organise our digital assets and get organised in general.

1.Make your device faster

When you keep your digital assets in a separate storage space, you get more space on your gadgets, computers, laptops etc. Products like DropBox, Google Drive etc. have become common place and accessible from all the devices. These products allow you to delete, save, store and manage your digital assets such as music, e-books, pictures and apps from anywhere. These products can help you create more space on your device and that might make your device faster.

2.Reduce Clutter – Know what you have

These days, it is difficult to keep track of all the accounts we have. Our online identity and digital assets are spread everywhere. With a product like Planned Departure, you can create a stock of your digital life. This allows you to reduce clutter by deactivating or deleting accounts you no longer use. Reduced clutter will make you more productive by giving you more time for things you love.

3. Be in control

When you take a stock of your digital life, you get control of your digital life. You control what emails you get and how many of them you get. You delete the accounts you no longer use and find accounts which are invaluable for you. Product like Planned Departure makes it easy for you to spot accounts which are important for you. It also helps you in creating succession plan for those online accounts.

4. Never loose a thing again

If you have ever lost any important document, you would know the importance of keeping them safe. Your passport, driving license, visa, resident permit and other important documents should be kept safe. These documents should be accessible all the time, from anywhere. These important documents should be stored in digital format on a platform like Planned Departure. This will keep your important documents safe from accidents, theft and fire. This will make these documents safe and accessible all the time.

Planned Departure can serve as an organisation tool for all your digital assets. With Planned Departure, you can store everything in safe-n-secure cloud based storage. It allows you to save everything – from images to property deeds, bank accounts. .

So what are you waiting for? Get a stock of your digital life and sign-up for our free trial today.

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