bibic focuses on the value of digital legacy

Mark Flower, Corporate and Community Fundraiser, bibic

According to Mark Flower, Corporate and Community Fundraising Officer with national children’s charity bibic, charities have been relying on legacies since the word ‘charity’ was first thought of.  Up until now however, they have never been the beneficiaries of a digital legacy before.

The partnership which bibic and Planned Departure have recently struck up makes bibic the first UK national charity to benefit from digital legacies, a venture which is bound to attract many interested parties and no doubt boost the number of supporters the charity relies on.

bibic is a national UK charity that offers practical help to families caring for children with developmental difficulties that adversely affect their learning, communication and social skills. Some of the more common conditions bibic provides support for are Autism, Down’s syndrome, Aspergers, ADHD and Dyslexia. Since its inception in 1972 it has developed a solid team of therapists who assist hundreds of families every year.

Planned Departure approached the charity late last year as they felt digital legacies could indeed be a viable way forward for bibic to gain funding. As Anand Ramdeo points out ‘ with the value of individuals’ digital assets in the UK estimated to be more than £25 billion, bequeathing some or all of these assets to a charity makes perfect sense.’

You can learn more about this offering here.

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