Top 6 things every Expat in UK should know!

An Expatriate often shortened as expat is a person temporarily or permanently living in a country other than that of the person’s upbringing. To find out more read this

1. Tax benefits for Expats – your residency status.


Non-residents have a big tax advantage over residents. The relatively new Statutory Residence Test helps you and the taxman establish if you are truly UK non-resident. Click Guide for more information on this test.

 2. HSBC  bank has a service especially for expats.[Special banking services for Expats]

They have a range of services specifically made for expats. From relationship balance to fees and charges, HMRC disclosure and European savings directive. Click HSBC for more information on this service.

 3. Family Reunification for Expats

Your partner or child can apply or join you in the Uk if you were separated or forced to leave your country and if they are eligible to stay in the UK. Click Family for more information.

4.Your Pensions and Benefits.

Most EU countries give access to most components of their social benefits system, usually including health based on a number of factors. Contribution to the system, have children, refugee etc. Read more

5. National Insurance.

If you have large gaps in the history of paying national insurance contributions you will not be eligible for a full state pensions or a reduced level of pension when retired. For more click  Information                                                                                                                                  Image 

 6. Keeping important information safe-n-secure


All copies of your relevant documents such as scanned images of your  passports and visas, national insurance numbers, deeds to properties etc should be stored securely and safely. With companies such as PlannedDeparture we make it our priority to store any digital information important to you.

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