Planned Departure – Leave memories … not a mess

Planned Departure is all about planning well in life so that you leave memories and not a mess!

It is about starting the conversation and answering some important questions such as:

  • Is your life plan ready?
  • How do you want to plan for your family?
  • Offer the best education?
  • Or gift them happiness?
  • Or hope things will eventually fall in place?
  • Have you taken any financial advice?
  • Do you have life insurance or critical illness cover?
  • Or Do you have a Will in place?
  • Have you started the important conversation?
  • Such as where all your documents are?
  • Or shared your secret recipe?
  • Does your family know your assets and investments?
  • Or your liabilities!
  • Are they aware of important online accounts?
  • Can your family find everything they need?
  • Even when you are not around?
  • Will you leave them CHAOS ? Or Mess?
  • Or Will you leave them memories?
  • Have you planned for everything? or anything?

Now you can!!

With Planned Departure,

  • Organise scattered information in one place.
  • Leave clear instructions.
  • Put everything in order.
  • Ensure everything is there even when you are not.

We can help you avoid the mess

So that you can focus on creating memories.
Planned Departure – Leave memories… not a mess!

Sign up now and start planning.

Is your life plan ready?

Infographic on planning at different stages in life.

What I learnt from my father’s experience and from my own is that it is very important to plan. 

And, Planning is not a static exercise it is dynamic.

Our circumstances change and so do our needs. Each stage in life requires different kind of protection and planning. I have tried to put down different needs and protection at different stages. Hope you find it useful too!

Life Plan, Financial Planning, Future Planning
Life Planning

NOTE: Please do not treat this as financial advice.

Importance of Wills


More than 2/3 of UK nationals do not have a will. Only 3 in 10 people have a will.

In 2009 the treasury gained £76m from people who died without making a will and in 2010 gained £53m.

It’s interesting what can be stated as an asset or inheritance in a will.

From online account passwords, furniture, shoes, clothes, heirlooms, photographs etc.

Making a will is important because it clearly states who your beneficiaries are and what they are entitled to. It’s a secure method to make sure your possessions go to the right people.

Some people tend to postpone or not make wills at all based on a number of factors.

  • Some feel like they do not have enough wealth.
  • It’s hard to understand the precedents, jargons and terminologies.
  • Making a will means they are about to die.

Mentioned in my earlier post on ‘Types of Wills’, you can write your own will, or use/buy a template online but it’s worth having a solicitor go over it with you to make sure it is a valid will.

“One I saw only had room for one witness signature – it has to be two. Another client I had wanted to leave all his golf clubs to his best friend, but his best friend was the witness – which means that was invalid – he could never get his golf clubs.” – Solicitor.

It is important to make a digital asset management plan and include your digital assets to your will.

Social media accounts, Online banking accounts, digital financial information, photographs and deeds to properties are all examples of digital assets.

At PlannedDeparture we offer online storage of all your digital assets.

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