Planned Departure – Leave memories … not a mess

Planned Departure is all about planning well in life so that you leave memories and not a mess!

It is about starting the conversation and answering some important questions such as:

  • Is your life plan ready?
  • How do you want to plan for your family?
  • Offer the best education?
  • Or gift them happiness?
  • Or hope things will eventually fall in place?
  • Have you taken any financial advice?
  • Do you have life insurance or critical illness cover?
  • Or Do you have a Will in place?
  • Have you started the important conversation?
  • Such as where all your documents are?
  • Or shared your secret recipe?
  • Does your family know your assets and investments?
  • Or your liabilities!
  • Are they aware of important online accounts?
  • Can your family find everything they need?
  • Even when you are not around?
  • Will you leave them CHAOS ? Or Mess?
  • Or Will you leave them memories?
  • Have you planned for everything? or anything?

Now you can!!

With Planned Departure,

  • Organise scattered information in one place.
  • Leave clear instructions.
  • Put everything in order.
  • Ensure everything is there even when you are not.

We can help you avoid the mess

So that you can focus on creating memories.
Planned Departure – Leave memories… not a mess!

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Facebook as an Asset?

Fascebook is an asset

            We all know Facebook to be an online social networking site that enables us to

connect and stay in touch with family and friends all over the world. It was founded in

2004 and over the years has evolved from just keeping family and friends in touch to

different platform all together. You can now join groups with members with the same

interest as you, find job vacancies and advertise and market your business.

But did you know your Facebook account is an asset to you as an individual?

         I am sure most of you didn’t. I myself didn’t know till recently when I accidentally

changed  my personal profile to a fan page. I instantly thought I had lost everything.

Now I have been a member of Facebook since 2008. I have uploaded pictures,

shared and been tagged in various pictures and posts since then. I did not know

that Facebook was an online archive and album for me. Pictures of the birth of my

god-children, nephews, nieces, graduation and concerts are all on there. But I never

valued them as much as I should till I thought I had lost them for good with the switch

of the pages but luckily Facebook support team came to my rescue and restored the

page from a fan page to a profile again and that is when I realised. In a blink of an

eye all those memories had vanished. I had not stored them on an online drive or a

drive at home but had the chance to now.

           With PlannedDeparture, you have the chance to store all these memories. All your

relevant information regarding your Facebook; passwords, security questions and

your pictures can all be saved in your E-vault. You and your delegated beneficiaries

can have access to this information anytime. You can read more about ‘ What is the value of my digital photographs ?’ here

         Storing those memories can be helpful to you and those around you whenever it is

needed. So why not try us out today.



What happens to your legacy when you pass away?….

Social media reach

…. have you ever asked yourself this question?… Well I have…

According to the E-marketer report in 2013, the number of people around the world that use social networks will increase from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion in 2013 and by 2017, the global social audience will be 2.55 billion.

One in four people belong to at least one social networking site. Facebook, google+, LinkedIn, twitter, flikr, Instagram, Myspace, care2 etc…

Which do you belong to? More importantly have you thought about what happens to all these accounts and your personal information when the inevitable happens?

The internet service providers are known to delete and destroy the accounts and the information it has on individuals once they pass away or are inactive for a couple of years.

A lot of personal information is stored electronically via the exchange from all these social sites and even the exchange of emails, so why not store this information collectively and securely.

With planneddeparture all this information will be stored in your e-vault. Only you and your beneficiaries you have enlisted with have the necessary information saved.

Better than letting it get destroyed don’t you think? Sign up for a free trial now

So we were invited to pitch at the last London pitch day at the StartupBootcamp….

….and it was fun and useful.

PD Goes to startupbootcamp

Before I dive into sharing my experience I will give a brief intro about startup bootcamp.

What is Startupbootcamp?

They are Europe’s leading accelerator program with presence in these cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Israel, Eindhoven, Istanbul and London. Well that’s awesome!!! You can find more information about startupbootcamp here.

Now coming back to my experience of the pitch event. This pitch day was only for fintech startups. Before you start scratching your head and think why is Planned Departure ‘fintech’. We allow people to manage their digital assets with ‘financial’ and ‘emotional’ value. Bitcoins is one of the digital assets with financial value. I have already blogged about ‘what happens to Bitcoins when you die’ in this post.

Great environment

The environment was very informal. I liked the seating arrangement! I would recommend everyone going there once to take a look at the space provided and to admire creativity in designing and setting a shared working space.

I pitched for about 5 minutes, in front of other startups and mentors. After the pitching there were 20 minutes of feedback with 3 different groups of mentors. Each mentor group had 3-5 members each. It is advised that you take notes of the feedback provided. I would say this was a valuable opportunity where you can not only get feedback on your pitch, but also on your product. Don’t miss it!!!

Once all the meetings were over we had a break to network with other startups, which is always fun! I love every bit of learning about entrepreneurial journeys of other founders, their challenges and also their approach. Almost all start-ups face similar challenges so knowledge sharing is good to learn about their innovative solutions.

Finally it was time to bid goodbye and start working on the bootcamp applications. Anyone interested in attending this ‘fintech accelerator’ must first read ‘what it takes to apply’ here. Then submit the filled application from here.

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Infographic: Planned Departure at TechPitch 4pt5


Last week PlannedDeparture was one of the finalists at TechPitch 4pt5 pitch competition and we have created an infographic based on our experience.

Template source: hub spot




What is the value of my digital photographs ? and …


Value of photo

… how can I ensure that I do not loose them ?

This question has been bothering me for a long time. With the advent of digital cameras and smartphones with cameras the number of photographs taken has exploded. According to this slideshare the number of photographs taken has exploded from 86Billion in 1999 to 380Billion in 2011. Every second 26 photos are uploaded to instagram.

But what impact does it have on their importance?

I remember when I was a child each photograph had an emotional or sentimental value attached to it. We took photographs of all the memorable and precious moments of our lives weather it was festival time or marriage or birth. I still want to look at those photographs to relive those precious moments that made my life. I want to look at those photographs to remember all the important people who meant a world to me and are no more around.

Are we losing the value of memories or precious moments because of digital explosion?

Just because we ‘can’ we are taking photographs of every tiny little thing. The emotional value of that photo is short lived. Out of thousands of digital photographs that I have on phone, laptops or external hard drive, I would definitely like to pass on some rare and precious moments to my son or to my grandchildren. These photographs are my precious digital assets. I came across this interesting article that explains how insurance firms and courts establish a ‘market value’ to an object of sentimental value to the owner.

So how do we ensure that these precious moments are not lost in time?

Exactly for this reason we have PlannedDeparture to pass on our precious moments, our emotional legacy to our family.  We can store and preserve the memorable or copyrighted photographs to protect and safeguard them at the same time ensure that these photographs are transferred to our family.

I would like to protect my digital assets and transfer my emotional legacy to my family, would you?

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