What matters in life is ……

….. the time and relationship you have with the people.

Family and relations

And often these relationships stop us from thinking about more meanignful and practical aspects of life.

I know Friday is not a perfect day for thinking about serious stuff in life. Or is it the perfect day? How many Fridays have passed like this without living your dream or without even realising your dream , your ambition, your aspiration in life? And how many more Fridays will go by like this?

The sad part is we don’t know!!! Even sadder part is that we do not act or do anything about it even after realising!!!!

When I started my MBA, on the last day of our orientation week,we were asked to write down our Eulogy!!! This was surprising for many of us but going through this process made us realise what is more important in life and how can we align our personal and professional goals and live a life of fulfilment and meaning.

Preparing for death, clarified Life.

Sometime back we shared a video on our Facebook page but I would like to mention it again. Please watch this five minute TED Talk from Candy Chang and see how death of a near and dear one provided her a purpose in life. How she is transforming abandoned public spaces around the world.

If this talk has touched your heart, then why not take some action and start getting your affairs in order and think more clearly about life. It will just take a few minutes to create an account but in return you will get a lifetime of peace of mind that will make you more aware of your life!!!

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