Private Client Professionals

Solicitors and lawyers do not just have the task of drafting wills, conveyancing, take instructions from their clients and advise them on personal issues such as buying and selling properties, drafting documents and contracts but also now they have to make sure the virtual assets and profiles of their clients are securely safe.

They have to ensure that your legacy is well-looked-after, well-maintained and protected. This could be from pictures, to deeds to properties, wills etc.

Digital media has effects on our daily activities such as finances, transactions, communications and social lives.

“Private client professionals therefore have a key role to play in shaping the preservation of an individual’s legacy of digital memories and valuable material and in ensuring that such memories and assets are passed on following their death” concluded Nicola Plant and Emily Osbourne in May 2010, in their article “digital legacy.”

Do not forget to make sure anything you think that is relevant to you and your family is saved and documented.

PlannedDeparture can handle all your virtual assets and more including all your important documents. Just make sure you remind your solicitor or lawyer to include them in your paperwork and set up an E-vault to store them.